The Playground

My latest series…

The Playground ~

We live in a world which is a playground of illusions, abstract paths…juxtapositions. This fascinates me and why I continue to use my camera which is a magnificent tool for exploring, discovering …it allows me to have a voice. I have not yet discovered any other way to express myself more profoundly then through my own eyes….through the lens. I see things…in things. I am constantly overwhelmed by what is not ahead, but what is right in front of me and I must tell you… I find it intoxicating, fascinating and defiantly satisfying. When I walked to the playground, I looked at the slides and then… I really looked at the slides. They were no longer just pieces of equipment… they were much more. They had form and movement….some even had a sensuality about them. I even laughed under my breath as I was standing there with my camera in hand, my eyes wide open, and feeling thankful for such a discovery …and that there was no one else around as they would wonder what I was doing. If I could only show them what I see…what I saw at the playground.

The playground is mine and it is yours. It holds everything and nothing and you are free to do whatever you want with it. That is what my series is about. It is simply to see something in a way you have never imagined in your life … to see something that opens your mind… to see something that triggers emotions or appeals to the senses. A playground of illusions.


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