So it’s been awhile since I have posted anything about Mac Doodle. He is getting so big.. he just turned 6 months old! I can’t believe it!

So this week we are watching our friends Boston Terrier puppy…Playa. .She is 10 months old and super fun. Mac is in love… they play all day and night! Today I filled up both pools for them and Playa decided to hide from Mac and squeeze herself in between both pools. She literally stayed there for at least 10 minutes. Mac was going crazy looking for her.. almost like he was having anxiety! And when he found her.. hahaha it was so funny.. and then it was ON!

We love having her.. and I am sort of afraid of when she leaves.. if Mac ill be so sad 😦  I think we will too! Maybe someday he will get a friend but we also just got a kitten.. so he will have to go back to playing with her when Playa leaves.  It is really cute to see how they interact and they really watch out for each other.. they even clean each other..I think it might be love.  ♥


and since it’s been awhile.. hahaha check out Mac’s newest Googles!


2 thoughts on “Besties…

  1. They really are so cute and funny together. I’m happy seeing pics of MacDoodle in general but seeing him this happy makes me even happier! Love the black and white portrait of the two of them ❤

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