A day at the beach with Elle…

Sunday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my pal Elle. She is a photographer as well. We went to Golden gardens and took turns being models for one another. Elle brought this red dress and I had this crazy fabric.. so we played. It was fun and hilarious.. especially getting undressed and into the dress with lots of people around

   .. but ya know..us woman are pretty sneaky!

Of course Elle is very petite and the dress fit lovely on her..I on the other hand.. have big boobs..which turned into smashed uni-boob.. it wasn’t flattering.. but I went with it. hahaha

We had fun prancing around..I think I told Elle  it was the best prom I had ever been too. hahaha I had such fun with her…and it was so refreshing to hang out with a woman and who is a photographer. I realized again.. I have to get out more…especially surrounding myself with more awesome folk! It had been forever since I played dress up and actually photographed someone like that. I need to do more.Having another photographer playing “model” is nice since they have taken self portraits and shot others.. it was so easy.. and of course.. we will pretty do just about anything.. like perch in a tree..get undressed in the middle of a beach…. hahahah

  hahahah ..classic photographer smile getting her picture taken.. going “oh the things I do for art”


Anyways.. here are a few images I took of Miss Elle…

I will be adding more in the next few days.. so you can see them here as well.








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