Wreck This Journal…Day 16

Day 16 of “Wreck This Journal.”

I have had a rough night and morning.I will not go into detail about it.. but lets just say I felt like packing my bags and hittin’ the road!

I decided since it was Valentines Day I would put on some lipstick and use the page as my napkin.. like it said. I did it with my breakfast which was a banana and some toast. You couldn’t see my food.. hahaha that sounds gross.. but I decided i really didn’t want food in my journal.. so I kissed the page. I wrote some shit out.. just enough to make me feel better..kind of. Meh. So much for a day filled with love. I will just love me..like I do everyday which is why I haven’t blown my brains out.. even though some days it does cross my mind.. like last night and this morning. hahaha fml.

I don’t even know what I am writing about. This is what journaling ( Should still be a real word) does to one’s brain. It’s a lot of BLAH BLAH BLAH! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is a new day. I will still love myself the same.. even if it’s not Valentines Day.

Tell someone you love them… seriously.


After last night and this morning… all I want to do is smoke. Sadly.. yes I do. BLEH!



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