Up Close…

It has been raining for days…and I am sooo sick of it! I want to go shooting and I want it to stop! I decided today to bust out the macro filter tube and mess around with it. I am always amazed at how well that thing works for 5 bucks! hahaha Then I think.. wow.. imagine what I could do with a REAL MACRO LENS! Sigh.. always.. wishing, hoping…dreaming..and damn it! One day I will get one! πŸ™‚ Anyways.. here are some photos from my messing around today.


Water drops on my roses in my Greenhouse ~




and then I messed around with some water!




this one is a drop of food coloring on top of an oil drop that is floating in water… haha did ya get that?




2 thoughts on “Up Close…

  1. Brooke……….Where I am the lakes are dry, the trees are dying, the soil is hard as a rock, we are limited to how we use out water, and worst of all, there is no rain is sight.

    I think if I had my pick I’d choose your situation over mine.

    • hahahaa where is that? The desert? Well you must have a lot of sun or sunsets.. there must be beauty in that somewhere?! I know we always wish for the other mans grass cause we think it’s greener! Well I wish for you the rain and bring me the sun! πŸ™‚

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