LeMay’s Car Museum…

So every once in awhile… I get out and go shoot something.. hahahaha This last Saturday…I went to the Lemay’s Car Museum in Tacoma ( WA) It was really awesome and they of course has tons of sick cars…very old and new. I love the classics…. and I really wish they made cars like that now a days. Screw all this automatic computer crap…. bring back the killer metal and simplicity! The designs were sooo smart… and just to open the door feels like heavy cement… which is just a great feeling… like boats on wheels! The hood ornaments, the fabrics, the metals…they really spared nothing back then… now it’s all just cheap ass plastic! I love how the old classics .. the damn GRILLS!!!!!! They look like they are giant mouths ready to eat whoever is next to em’! ha!

One of my dreams is to restore an old caddy… One day I am gonna get that ride…. yes I am!

lemays_18 lemays_1 lemays_2 lemays_3 lemays_4 lemays_5 lemays_6 lemays_7 lemays_8 lemays_9 lemays_10 lemays_11 lemays_12 lemays_13 lemays_14 lemays_15 lemays_16 lemays_17


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