Skagit Valley Tulip Festival…

Well I finally did it. After years of hearing about the tulips… and sadly even living so close…I finally saw the tulips! It was very pretty of course.. BUT the traffic was DISGUSTING. By the time I got to the festival…. I almost didn’t care! There were tons of folks and I was with my father in law and both of our phones were dead.. so I had to stay close to him which made it hard to focus on taking photos!Β  I did manage to get a few and I was glad to see the flowers. I think if I were going to do it again… make sure my phone is CHARGED hahahaa and make sure I have time to just relax and shoot at my leisure. Anyways…. here are a few shots I did get ~

tulips_3 tulips-1

tulips-5 tulips-6 tulips-7 tulips-8 tulips-9 tulips-10 tulpis-4 tulips_2


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